Baking for the County Fair

Wixson, Mary Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Winning a ribbon at the Montgomery County Fair for something you baked yourself is a highlight of some lucky young people’s summer. Chef Sheila fondly remembers her own childhood Fair competitions and would like to pass on the tradition to the generation coming up.

Again this year, Young Chefs is offering a special camp, Baking for the County Fair, on August 6-10. Each day we will not only prepare and eat lunch, we will also bake entries for the Fair. Families can deliver the entries themselves on Friday afternoon, August 10. If that’s not possible, Chef Sheila will help out.

2 Ways to Save on Cooking Camps and Classes


Cooking classes are expensive! Chef Sheila now offers two discounts:

  1. Referrals Write to her at crye4(at), and let her know you have referred someone for a cooking class or camp. When that youth submits a completed registration form, you will receive a $25 discount on your next class or summer cooking camp. Just think! If you refer 15 young people, and they all sign up, your week of cooking camp will be free!
  2. Family discounts Families will receive a 20% discount on their second (and third) child. The second child pays $300 for a week of camp or $60 for a 3-hour class.