Our Team

Meet our team, brought to you in alphabetical order (just like the ABC’s of cooking!


Wendy BazilChef Bazil is happiest when cooking for friends and family and when helping others learn to cook for themselves. Since 2009, she’s been on a mission to make healthier and delicious home cooking easier for all, teaching home cooking skills, developing recipes, and writing a “healthier” cooking blog. She believes that by cooking for ourselves, we regain control over what goes into our food, so that we can eat ourselves into better health. Chef Bazil tries to make fruits and vegetables a fun and delicious part of every meal, and particularly loves experimenting with herbs and spices from all over the world.

Bill BonatoBill Bonato, Substitute Assistant Chef, Videographer  Before he met his wife, Chef Bill Bonato could not find his way around a kitchen.  He didn’t even know what a ladle was.  His wife, Chef Rafat Bonato, taught him everything he knows about cooking, and now he makes his own meals several times a week.  It is not only enjoyable, but now that he is eating well, it has made him a happier person.
Rafat Bonato


Rafat Bonato, Assistant Chef Chef Rafat Bonato was born in Iran and came to the United States in 1981.  She has 8 brothers and sisters and was the cook of the family.  She has plenty of experience, and cooking is most definitely in her blood.  When her family has a big get-together at her house with several guests, Chef Rafat gets terribly excited about preparing a big meal, because it is what she does best.  When she is in the kitchen, all’s right with the world!

Sheila Crye CCP, Lead Chef, Executive Director  In Chef Sheila Crye’s family both her mother and father cooked. Her dad had a big vegetable garden and loved to make and can pickles in the summer on a Coleman camp stove in the garage, where it was cool. Her four sisters and brother and she all learned how to cook not only from their parents but also from the 4-H Club. They would enter baked goods in the Montgomery County fair competitions and win ribbons and cash prizes. Chef Crye’s work today, showing young people how to cook at home, repeats these happy memories for her.

Gabbie KrivonakGabbie Krivonak, Assistant Chef As an avid cook and food writer, Chef Gabbie Krivonak wrote, “My Mom’s A Good Cooker: A Working Mom’s Guide to Family Dinners,” because she wanted to help working moms have a career AND cook tasty and nutritious dinners for their families. Currently Chef Krivonak works with Young Chefs at Montgomery Village Middle School.





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