Team Building

Looking for an effective, productive and fun way to bring your team together? Chef Sheila offers to teach you and your co-workers how to prepare delicious main courses, side dishes and desserts!

  • Small groups of up to six participants meet in the home of the host. Everyone collaborates to prepare dinner, including appetizer, main course, side courses and dessert. It is similar to the dinner party cooking classes.
  • Large groups of up to 20 participants can hold a Top Chef-style cooking competition, to take place in a certified kitchen. Each group prepares a different dish on the dinner menu. The fee is dependent upon the number of participants and includes groceries and recipes to go home. Chef Sheila will provide a rubric on which each dish will be judged, and the winning group will receive a prize. Dinner will follow. The event does not include cocktails or wine, but the host may provide them. An assistant and the instructor will take care of the cleanup.
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